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Don't know about the Techart Kit, sorry, but it doesn't sound right. Those rears seem too wide for the sure those are 987 wheels/offsets and not 997. The OEM 987 rears are 10" wide with 46mm offsets, and a 265mm tire.

Seems like you should be running 285/295s on that 11" wheel. You're gonna change the handling balance with a wider rear wheel/tire...more understeer, provided you don't stiffen the rear bars or make similar changes to offset the higher rear grip.

I'd recommend you talk to a knowledgeable wheel dealer.

If you want to upgrade to OEM 19s I have a set of new Carrera S take-offs for sale (100 miles on em). Saves you $800, plus you get the right size wheels, better tires (Michelin PS2s), and their lighter than Techarts (24 rear, 22 front) and made by BBS.

Good luck.

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