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You think life is tough here to have a nice car??? Think again!

I just returned from Europe (France, actually) and of course I look for what people drive.

First thing I noticed -again- is that practically everybody drives really small cars like Fiestas, 205s, 500s. Families drive small minivans and then there are just commercial vehicles. Even the MD of the company I work with drives an A3 Diesel.

Another observation is that these vehicles are Diesel.

To have a nicer car is sooo expensive, I hardly saw a nice car like an S-class Benz, 5 or 7 series BMW or -gasp- a Porsche of any type.....

Gas is at least 4x more expensive. Nice cars are subject to luxury tax and CO2 taxes.

I am happy to live here in the US, people in Europe think I must have a lot of $$$ but when I tell them how things are over here they are really

To add insult to injury car prices here are MUCH cheaper! When I tell them what we pay for a nice -used- car......

Not only France but other countries like Germany are very similar.

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