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Originally Posted by Jittsl View Post
Pedro, I would suggest that there was something wrong with the engine's oil pressure gauge long before it failed. Is that what you normally see? I also have an oil pressure gauge that I can see in my video and I have never seen it dropping under brakes (let alone around right hand corners) the way yours does. It doesn't appear as if the car is pushing particularily hard and yet any movement away from dead flat and the pressure drops - and that's with an accusump!

If that was typical I doubt these motors would last five minutes. I would be interested to see your next video after you make repairs to the wiring and (might I suggest) you swap the inputs to the two gauges to see if the response is still the same. I am taking it as a given that the oil level was correct. Just for the record, where did you attach your oil pressure sender?
+1 agreed. No way the oil pressure is varying like that on every corner. Faulty gauge.
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