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[QUOTE=deliriousga]Awesome idea for a thread!

Did you leave the part out where you "beat the PO into oblivion for being such a jerk"?

I was flabbergasted to find that people will even do stuff like that. Former owner was by far one of the biggest jerks I have ever met in my life. It was all I could do not to retaliate, but after allot of deliberation I decided it was not worth my time. It is one thing to take things off the car before you present and sell it. It is another thing to take things off the car after you sold it and before you deliver it. Had it not been for the CPO warrantee and the fact that I am reasonably sure the car is quite sound mechanically - knock on wood - I would have found another car to buy. I think there is a reason why I own the car now. There are cosmic forces are in place that disallow certain people from owning Porsches.

Thanks very much for your above list of fixes. I sure would like to see some more posts here depicting what things we all have all had to do to our cars so we can help each other prepare for things to come. Boxster ownership can be costly, but with a little research and some work, the costs can and should be minimized.
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