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One or two, or three laps like this won't kill the engine, but you do 3 or 4 20 minute sessions and the damage you're doing to the engine is unquestionable.
I'll be tearing apart a Boxster engine that has seen track/autoX/DE/time trial duty since 03. All done on Hoosiers/Kumho/Toyo/Hankooks. This is a car with 200k on the chassis and 80k on the engine. It was not a back marker, it traveled to tracks all over CA. and made trips to Texas to run PCA Club racing events. It has not seen the street since 05. We change the oil every two event weekends.

I have run Accusumps for 23+ years at this point in 4cyl SCCA Porsche 914's (I know their benefit) but I'm not going to drink the Coolaide (just yet) on the Boxsters. We are building our 20th 9X6/9X7 engine this week for the car that never had an Accusump. I have cars nationwide running with and without them.. guy's who set track records with NASA/PCA (not back markers who's information is worthless to me)

I've seen in data what you are seeing (been seeing it for years) but I also trust the oil that I'm running. I have also been involved with "engine blow" contests and watched engines run with NO oil for 20+ minutes (no load).. with camshafts sawed in half, cranks sawed in half,rods.. you name it.

Can I put together an Accusump kit and sell the S_H_I_T out of them? yes. You know how many phone calls Charles and I had about this prior to him releasing a "kit" LOL (a lot)

I choose not to sell people S_H_I_T they don't need.


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