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@ Brad,

I am trying to diagnose a mysterious drop of oil pressure during track days.
In a nutshell: In the middle of the session the oil pressure drops from 5 to between 1 and 2 on my 996 cluster's oil pressure gauge (I am assuming it's measured in bar)
This happens everywhere on the track including the straights (oil pressure is still low at the end of the main straight in T'Hill at high RPM) and stays low even after I back to the pits.
Eventually as the engine cools down, the oil pressure comes back up.
So I am pretty sure it's not high-g oil starvation
My most likely explanation is engine overheating.
I already replaced the waterpump and installed low-temp thermostat - the symptoms remain the same.
So I wanted to watch the oil temp and see if there's a connection with high oil temp and loss of oil pressure

Brad, can you point me to a solution for oil cooling that won't break the bank?
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