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Originally Posted by madmods View Post
Good job... haha! Heard the bearings is a tricky job. It can be harsh to swap them even my indy here refused to change them on my car. He told me to come back when they are square !
Actually, if you are doing the suspension then the wheel bearing is an easy job. PROVIDED you have the SIR tool. I rented different tools from 5 different auto places. None of them can do what the SIR does. You definitely need the horseshoe as well. The jaw puller from pepboys worked ok but a struggle and it doesn't have good place to grab on to. I got the SIR tool kit and it was a breeze from there on. I did get all the tools rented for the suspension as well. Without them it's a nightmare.

I spent about 80% of the time cleaning up the dirt and rust that was baked into the parts - housing, rotors etc. The ABS sensors were fused in and I had to break them to remove them. One of the bolts is still stuck in there which I have to deal with.
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