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Awesome idea for a thread!

Originally Posted by Mr. Boone
#8 Former owner took the roll bar inserts prior to delivery.

Fix: Purchased a set used from a fellow forum member for $125.00
Did you leave the part out where you "beat the PO into oblivion for being such a jerk"?
Originally Posted by Mr. Boone
#11 Car needed brake pads:

Fix: Bought OEM pads from the dealer and installed them myself. Really was not that difficult. Hardest part is removing and replacing the brake pad wear sensors without cracking them.
FYI: It's good to just go ahead and replace the brake pad wear sensors when you do the pads. They get pretty hot under normal use so the wire covers and/or sensor clips can crack over a long period of time giving you a false brake pad warning. I've found it easier to just go ahead and do it WYAIT rather than have to do it later.

We bought the 2000 Boxster in June, 2003 with 21K miles on it. So far our fixes have been:

1) O2 sensor at 25K (warranty)
2) 30K Service at dealer. (Plugs, Cabin/Air/Oil Filters & Oil, Top Lube, Hose Checks) and program the doors to automatically lock at 5mph - $850.
3) Brake pads DIY all four wheels at 30K. $130
3) 45K Oil Change & inspection at P-car specialist. $200
4) 60K Service DIY. (Plugs, Cabin/Air/Fuel/Oil Filters & Oil, Replace Drive Belt, Top Lube, Hose Checks) $200 (compare to dealer above even w/ add. services )
5) Brake Pads/Rotors DIY all four wheels at 60K. Used Mintek Red Box (low dust) pads and Zimmerman OEM rotors plus fluid change. $450
6) Replace engine compartment temp sensor DIY at 62K. $30
7) Coolant reservoir replacement DIY at 62K. (Replaced reservoir, hoses from reservoir, clamps & coolant) $300
8) Replace engine idler rollers DIY at 62K. $150
9) Replace oil separator DIY at 66K. $100
10) Replacing front right radiator fan DIY at 68K. (planning to take the bearings out of the old one and see if they are replaceable) $150
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