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Passenger side tail light problem

I have an 03 Boxster s. My brake light quit working on the passenger side, so i bought a new bulb. I went to install it with the car still running since it was cold and my fiance was sitting in the car. I removed the light panel with no problems, installed the brake light and it didn't work at first, i had to jiggle the bulb around to get it to work. I went to put the light fixture back in the housing and noticed the lights flickered on and off. I thought my fiance was just letting off the brake pedal. It was a little tricky putting back in, and i may have touched the metal "wiring" on the fixture to the car body. However it flickered on and off before it touched the housing. i figured i blew a fuse, looked at fuses and they were ok. All the lights are now working except the "running lights", or tail lights, that come on when you turn on the headlights. The "rear fog light " doesnt come on either. This issue is only with the passenger tail light. All others function properly.

If anyone could direct me to a relay or any suggestions as to why all the sudden the tail light doesnt work when the brake bulb was initially the problem, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for your time.


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