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Racing Shift Mount from Hargett

If you are on Facebook, then there is a write up - here

And if you are not, then here is a summary

I appreciate that this is not to everyone's taste, but it is perfect for me...

I have had the Hargett Pro shifter in my 911 for years and really like it. So after some discussions with Mark at Hargett we set about designing something that would locate the sifter in the Boxster racing car a bit more like the Pro shifter in my 911.

And this is the end result from several discussions and some early prototype work.

One of the key design constraints that I gave to Mark when we started to wok on this was that it had to be light and at the same time not flex during shifting in a race - and initial impressions is that he has managed to do this. I still have to test it in anger during a race, but I feel confidant it will be perfect.

Appreciate that it ads a small amount of weight to the car, when I am trying to reduce weight at every opportunity, but here I feel that the better shifting feel is preferable over the small additional weight - but like I said at the start, we all have our opinions and requirements in our racing cars, this is one of mine

Mark has decided to release the mount as a product and will be putting it up on the Hargett web site soon. He is even talking about making an adjustable version of the mount.
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