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Originally Posted by madmods View Post
PS: Driven out and around Sepang, Malaysia and S'pore a few time (rentals of course) and found out the roads to be fairly good there. I'd say your problem can't be only because of the roads alone. But again, I'm not a pro and one would need to see the car to judge accurately
Luckily, all the control arms/links etc I used was TRW branded. Frankly, the markings on the arms and links looked identical to the originals, except that they had the porsche logo removed . Looks pretty much oem quality.

The roads in Sepang are excellent but unfortunately, I'm a foreigner working in Kuala Lumpur/Petaling Jaya area... and the roads are horrible... I've never upgraded from 17" rims to anything bigger due to that reason (I dented 3 out of 4 rims on my prev bimmer in 9 months ! And finally the potholes even got the alignment so out of specs, I had to get the chassis straightened ! Apparently, it's pretty much common on a e36 on Malaysian roads !). It's pretty hard to avoid dropping into potholes at night or when it rains and can't see the *&^%!! potholes.

I'm sure you are going to enjoy your renewed suspension ! It made a huge difference on my car.

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