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I guess I'm going to be highjacking this thread quite a bit. Sorry Madmods!

So, started taking out the front strut, wishbone, drop links, rotor, control arm. The drop link bolt is pretty snug into the housing where the shock is inserted. Tried quite a bit with air ratchet as well to no luck. Also the shock is in very tight into the housing. Maybe due to the fact that the drop link bolt is still in there?

Also having issues with the big bolt on the boomerang thingy under the sway bar. Can I take a propane torch to these nuts? Am I nuts?

Need replacement so far for front: wishbones, control arms, tie rods (in and out), sway bar bushings, drop links, shock bearing plates, bump stops, boots and wheel bearings, 2 cases of beer.

When I checked the wheels by shaking them they seemed fine. But once they were off and the rotor was off as well there is a slight play.

Shocks and springs seem fine. I don't get the point about buying new hardware and not using the old ones. 3-5 bucks a nut is crazy. Will have to try local hardware stores for less price.
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