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Madmods, that looks like the project that I embarked upon 1.5 years ago - ROW M030 kit plus a FULL replacment of everything else suspension wise...

In my case, it was a painful multi part process.... partly due to unavailability of stock and partly as I didn't expect such a extensive exercise....

The only thing in my case that turn out to be still good was the strut mounts and 1 or 2 arms, the shocks were wobbly though still good damping, all the other arms had between serious play to slight play.... I even had the inner and outer tie rods changed (although they still looked good but it improved the steering feel).

And all this from a car with then only 29k km... but then the roads are really bad here in Malaysia...

Having said that, 1 yr+ later and 30k km later, I just sent the car in today to check on a nasty "wooden floor board" sound when going over rough roads... surely these control arms don't just last 1 year ????!!!! sianz..
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