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Madmod...again I appreciated your time and effort in helping me with this over the weekend. I just pulled the trigger for all the components and after taking my time in doing a comparison of State side venders VS Design911 they were more then competitive. Not only am I doing the complete suspension, I am also doing water pump/thermostat/wheel bearings/steering and a new left side radiator.

I called a number of suppliers here and they all agreed that only a couple of components have bushing kits, the rest of the suspension are full replacement parts only. So with that in mind in looking at all my bushings, they are hard and cracked (but not for long).

What I think was the best part about these guys is the amount of time they put into building Kits that are reasonably priced with Porsche Drawings as backup. You see what you are ordering, where it is in the schematic and you are given options (OE, OEM, alternate brand).
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