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I bought the Vertex and just finished the install. The instructions were right on the money and it took about 1.5 hours to do. If you are going to do this, buy a set of snap ring pliers. They make the job WAY easier and if I had them to begin with, the install would have been much quicker. My fault...

I must say that the difference in the shift travel in SIGNIFICANT!!! It feels firm and precise. It feels like how one would expect a true race inspired car would feel. In comparison to the B & M, they are almost identical. The B & M shifter I tried at my local porsche dealer and the vertex kit I installed are the same in shift travel and shift effort. If you are thinking about this mod, DO IT!!!! Well worth the money and makes the car feel different. Try the Vertex shift kit. Same quality for about $50-$75 cheaper.
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