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GPS..?? That's just the latest Gotta Have. How many of you actually drive to unknown or uncharted places? And, if you do ever go Over the River and Through the Woods, don't you plot your route prior to departure?

I'm an old Naval Aviator and in the Air or on the Sea, with no readily identifiable Landmarks, GPS makes Navigation so much simpler. It's a valuable Tool. But, a Car never leaves the road. Yet, even with GPS, RDF (Radio Direction Finding) and Inertial Navigation Systems, we were still trained in Celestial Navigation in the event that Combat Damage would make the NAV Systems go Kapoot!.

IMHO, GPS on a Car ranks right up there on the list of Totally Nonsensical Options with Curb Feelers.

Of course, if you have to have the Bragging Rights, or just don't think you've given Porsche enough of your Hard Earned Cash, then Go For It!

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99
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