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I just purchased a Garmin StreetPilot C330. Its the size of a baseball, and comes with a suction cup mounted frame, that you can leave on the windshield and just take the unit down (the power cord is built into the frame). It is also battery powered for those times you do not want to use the cigarette lighter plug. It comes with all of the US, Canadian and Puerto Rican maps preinstalled on its hard drive (European maps for you guys who buy it on the other side of the pond). I am really impressed by the size and performance of this unit. It finds any address or point of interest quickly, has a huge database of points of interest (stores, gas stations, restaraunts, etc.) and is incredibly easy to use. You can choose from a large number of voices/languages. Right now I am using British English, because I think the accent is hot on a woman! It even has a slot for a memory card to add additional points of interest as well as being equiped with a USB port for downloading firmware updates. I paid $550 for it, which I believe to be very reasonably compared to the price for the Porsche factory unit. My only gripe is that the unit is just a tiny bit too wide to be able to be placed into the door pockets, so I have to put it in the trunk when I am not in the car.
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