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Originally Posted by Steve Tinker View Post
jaykay, thinking out the box here......
If you are still concerned with your startup noise (as per your posts earlier this month) have you considered installing a dashboard "no start" switch to, for example, the fuel pump where the starter motor turns the engine for a few seconds to build up oil pressure but the engine does not fire. It would only take 4-5 seconds on the starter motor to to build up enough oil pressure to pump up the tensioners - then you could flip the switch to allow the engine to start as normal.
I don't know the ramifications with the Bosch ECU using this method, but surely it couldn't be that difficult.......
It may just work untill you can get the chain tensioner overhaul in place.
Great idea.....I actually do this manually with the key after the car has been in storage. I engage the starter for two seconds and let it sit for 20. Then do it again and a third time. Probably very bad for my starter motor/solenoid but I am guessing that this process is giving me oil
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