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Originally Posted by JFP in PA View Post
I think you may be misinterpreting their information; the EPC series only releases oil at the preset pressure ranges, it does not restrict the amount of oil released, only the pressure at which it is released.
No, I understand that from Canton's literature, the EPC valve charges the accumulator slowly, and is supposed to discharge at full flow at a pre-set pressure (assuming it had sufficient time to re-charge with that slow fill thing going on). I just don't trust this compared to a full open line to the accumulator for charge / discharge.

Originally Posted by jaykay View Post
Great discussion....I was just wondering if we think the volume and pressure is enough to get to the tensioners before start up such that one can hear the difference in chain noise with or without the accusump firing. Potentially a great reason for using it off track too.....yes I have a five chain motor
I can't say, mine is now in shipment from Race Mart who another guy on these boards recommended. They absolutely have the best prices going on all Canton products.

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