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Originally Posted by jaykay View Post
Just thinking as whether an accusump in addition to the obvious benefits would have another less obvious one.
Would it serve to pump up the tensioners before start up,
eliminating wear and noise due to chain lash?
To the OP - I think this is a great thought, and could help chain guide life, which seems to be an issue for some.

Originally Posted by Brad Roberts View Post
For some reason, all the other installs I have seen using the electric valve have all been on switches.. I have no idea why.. I use manual. One less electrical part to fail. Remote pull lever. Add it to the list of driver routine.
Actually there are two vesrions of the electric valve system. One is a standard solenoid that Canton warns is for start-up pre-oiling only. I don't know why, but I had guessed it must be a reduced port size valve.

The other electric valve option is supposed to charge the accusump slowly, but flow out at a higher rate. I can't imagine how / why this works.

So, I just ordered the manual valve one too, as I don't trust the solenoid operating scheme, and yes solenoids do fail. I got the big 22" long one, which fits very nicely in the tunnel above the water lines.

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