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Happy New Year - Sad Old CEL Problem

Happy New Year

After 6 months effort, I and my independent garage are still trying to chase down my CEL problem ((P0410 and P1410 only). We've done all the usual stuff and replaced all the mechanical and electrical stuff in the secondary air system as well as the MAF and O2 sensors. We've even replaced the gas cap as some have suggested.

Here my question. If a leaking gas cap can cause this problem, I wondering what other gas system problems might also be the the cause. For the past eight or nine months, I found it hard to fill the gas tank without the pump nozzle clicking off multiple times thinking the tank was full. Could there be something going on in the gas fill system that would be tricking the computer in to throwing the codes?

I'm grasping at straws here, but so far nothing has kept the light off beyond the short period the system needs to reinitialize.

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