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Originally Posted by porscheguy
i have a 1999 boxster with tiptronic and no modifications what should my 0-60mph be and what should my 1/4 mile be? also what modifications can i do to gain horsepower without spending too much? and my last question what temperature should i be running at on long drives because today i went for a 45 min drive and it was almost to the line after the 180 mark should it be like that?
You've posed a bunch of questions and I can shed some light on a couple of them...

1) performance times... no ideas for you. I bet you can find out by googling "performance specs, 1999 Boxster". It's probably out there some where.

2) "low cost performance mods" is an oxymoron for the boxster IMHO. Exhaust mods start at $1000 and go up. Chip mods don't seem to be worth the price, intake mods can make the car sound better, but can have downsides on your MAF... and the worst part is that some mods to improve HP actually reduce HP!!! I'd invest the money into learning how to drive the car. Join PCA and go to driver's education days. Fun and you'll learn how to shift, brake and turn the car so well that you'll beat other cars with more HP and crappy drivers.

3) Hard driving should produce a temp where the needle is on the "0" in the 180, but not over that middle line. The way to check your system is to get the car up to temp, crank up the AC and then park it idling and walk to the front of the car. You have two radiators in front of both tires and they should both be blowing hot air toward the ground. If only one is blowing, you may have a relay out or a fan out. My 97 had the primary, driver's side fan out. Bearings were just shot and my temp fell to proper ranges when I had it replaced. There are threads on this forum so do a search on "temp" or "overheating" and you'll find it.

Hope this helps!

Hey, I will be in New Braunfels for Thanksgiving this year visiting the wife's family. I would LOVE to meet you and see your car and show you mine if we can hook up. I'm only 15-20 minutes from San Antonio where we're staying. PM me with your details.
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