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Originally Posted by lexuspilot
But, unfortunately, they (Porsche) makes the rules, it's their game.

What a weird game too. You can't specify the rubber on your new vehicle. The new 986's last year had Yoke's and Conti's or more and I know Cayenne's can have a Pirelli's or Conti's or whatever. So it seems Porsche has it's rating system but doesn't choose one brand.

My 2004 came with Yok AVS does that mean any Box is "approved" on those tires.
Manfacturers often pick 2 or 3 suppliers per model. Each tire upplier is assigned a percentage of total production. If production goes up, the tire maker scrambles to provide more tires. If production goes down, they sometimes need to offload excess inventory. In a former job I worked as commercial director of an auto group overseas. We negotiated to be Conti's official distributor for our small national market. However, it took us a while to get started as Conti viewed our market as a market to offload tires when their commitments to auto makers waned. BTW to their credit, Conti was upfront about this from the get-go.

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