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Originally Posted by Adam
Sorry to highjack the thread, but what is this I hear about a radio code? Is the radio inoperable after disconnecting the battery without it? Is is in the owners manual?

The Radio requires a 4-digit code to enable it. This code is an anti-theft device. If the Radio is stolen, it is inoperative without first inputting the code. Whenever power to the Radio is interupted, such as when disconnecting the Battery, the Radio will not play until it's unique code is re-inserted. The Code is printed on a card as part of the Owners Manual pkg. (in the Stereo Operation Booklet).

There are some grayware programs which can determine the code if you have the serial number of the Radio, which you can get by switching through the program mode. Without this, only the Dealer can retrieve the code using their Porsche Software. Hope this helps...

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