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Originally Posted by MNBoxster
Perhaps John (deliriousga) had issues with them because the 928 is so much heavier than either the Boxster or Lotus Esprit, 500lbs. more than the Boxster and 700 lbs. more than the Esprit. And of course, a lot of Tire feel can be subjective (both ways) as well. But, I agree with him on the Kumhos, they're excellent tires as well.
Great point. I didn't think about weight. It can also probably be attributed to the front-end engine (i.e. less weight in back). It has a tendency to fishtail when I take a corner in the rain. Some of this was due to me being unfamiliar with the power in the 928, but over time and experience it still does it. One other thing for you to consider that I did not mention in the first post. I have only had the 928 for a year and the Dunlops are the tires that came with it so I don't have anything to compare on the same car.
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