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The Dunlop Sport 8000 and Sport 9000 are the preferred tires for the Lotus Esprit and they have Tons of Grip.

Perhaps John (deliriousga) had issues with them because the 928 is so much heavier than either the Boxster or Lotus Esprit, 500lbs. more than the Boxster and 700 lbs. more than the Esprit. And of course, a lot of Tire feel can be subjective (both ways) as well. But, I agree with him on the Kumhos, they're excellent tires as well.

The Boxster and Esprit are more evenly matched in terms of weight, so they may be a good fit for the Boxster as well, they certainly are a lot of tire for the money.

There's very little difference between the 8000 and 9000 in terms of construction and ratings. The 9000 has a more agressive tread pattern which I believe costs it some grip over the 8000 (which I run - am on my 2nd set, which is a first for me). The Treadwear Rating on the 8000 is 200 while the 9000 is 240, meaning that it (9000) is a little harder compound). BTW, there is no standard on the Treadwear Ratings, they are somwhat arbitrary. This is a number assigned by the Manufacturer and can't be used to compare Treadwear Ratings of another Brand of Tire, whose Manufacturer may have a totally different criteria for assigning the Treadwear Rating, although a 200 will not give as many miles as a 400. It is also an indicator of how soft the tire is.

One thing though, the wear on the Dunlops is not linear. Both sets I had exhibited virtually no wear for the first 12k mi., then they went downhill at what seemed an accelerated pace - I was at the Treadwear indicators by 19kmi. From about 15k mi. on, they lost some of their wet handling properties.

All these cars chew up tires so fast, relatively speaking, that for me at least, it's tough to go with the much higher priced brands. IMHO, they don't offer any more grip and they don't wear any longer, just cost more. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99

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