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Originally Posted by 2003S View Post
Yes, the door speakers are just woofers. The fade on the HU is for the optional rear speakers.
Sort of correct... the fade on the h/u will adjust b/w front & rear (if installed) speakers. However, door speakers get their signal by combining front & rear channel signals from the h/u in the amp. There is also a crossover built into the amp which only sends lows to door "woofers" (which are just 5.25" paper cone drivers in a large plastic "tuned port". If you have fade set to 100% front, or 100% rear, no signal is sent to door "woofers" regardless if rear speakers are present.

Originally Posted by tonycarreon View Post
i believe (someone will correct me if i'm wrong) but it's totally possible there is nothing behind the door speaker grill. depending on the year, i think the standard option is speakers in the dash only. optionally, you can add the door speakers ("woofers") and/or rear speakers. have you actually removed the grills to confirm there is something more than dead space there?

i think the three options were:

1. standard: radio + 2 dash speakers
2. hi-fi: standard + amp + 2 door sub woofers
3. bose: hi-fi + rear speakers
Wrong. Standard radio option cars had different door skins... w/o grilles. Only way to remove grilles is to take entire skin off as grilles are attached from behind.
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