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Late 986 or early 987?

Hi, my name is Mark, I've been lurking here a while, asked one or two questions, I am ready to buy, but I have one question. First, though a little background....

I am semi-retired, I've owned Porsches before (a 914 and a 911). Both cars were driven on the track by my friend and business partner Fred, and I had them for 90+% of the time for street use (as an extra car). A few years ago we sold the 911. I did a fair amount of work on them, especially the 914, drove them a lot -- although my wife hated the harsh street ride, especially the 914.

I started looking for a neat car project -- more than a day to day car -- and I first stopped by the AC Replica Forum (Factory Five) to check that out. It had some nice upsides, but some downsides as well, I concluded it was not for me.

I have ridden in Boxsters before, Fred has had 3 of them, and I read this forum, and I bought the '101' projects book from Pelican. Seems like you can get a really nice used 986 or 987 for a reasonable price, I can take any car to Powertech for a PPI before I buy, and after I buy I could get a Durametric myself, do a lot of fun projects, and have a great fun spare car.

I'll be away for a few days, but once back (after the new year), I want to do this.

So now to the question: Should I buy a late 986 (2003 or 2004) or an early 987 (2005 or maybe 2006)? Prices are close, depends on mileage and features. They all have glass rear windows.

- Seems that the 986 has a little less HP. Older of course.
- Since the 2005 and 2006 are early models of the 987, I know that any IMS problem requires an engine pull/rebuild.

Any other gotchas with the 2005/2006?

Should I just ignore this OCD thinking and just get the first really nice one which 'passes' the PPI?????


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