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I have run the following drive cycle on my Boxster and 993s with great success. The key is to lug the engine. And longer times is better than shorter. I have the hardest time with the second 3:15 second run for 3:15 minutes. I have started doing it on the freeway shoulder. If the CHP stop me I'll claim mechanical issue. True! Do the cycle twice. If all codes are not set, let the car cool and try it again. It has taken me up to three times to get all of them set. But usually twice will do it. Good luck.

Start engine, let idle for approx. 2 min, 10 secs.

Accelerate to 20-30 MPH, Maintain steady speed for approx 3 min, 15 secs.

Accelerate to 40-60 MPH, Maintain steady speed for approx 15 mins.

Decelerate and come to a stop. Then:

Idle in Neutral for 5 mins. (manual trans.)

Idle in Drive for 5 mins. (Tiptronic trans.)

During the drive cycle, do not exceed 3,000 rpm or 60 mph.
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