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I don't think there is any magic wand in the Durametric to make the car emissions monitor ready in preparation for a smog check. According to the stuff I have the functions you mention are checked once per key cycle.

1b. Monitors Run Once Per Key Cycle
I. Evaporative Emissions System Monitor
a. EVAP Purge Valve
b. Tank Leak
1. Pressure Sensor
2. LDP
3. DM-TL
II. Air injection System Monitor
III. Catalyst Aging Monitor
IV. Oxygen Sensor Monitor
V. Oxygen Sensor Heater Monitor

The information I'm quoting from doesn't say the exact driving conditions that must be met before each of the subsystems are checked but I think they generally require a moderate drive up to operating temperature and at least about 10 minutes long. So several normal drives of maybe 30 minutes ought to exercise the systems and make the car ready for a smog check. That's assuming there isn't something actually wrong with the emission equipment. Since you don't report a CEL the systems would appear to be passing their checks. That is assuming the CEL is functional on your car.
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