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How do you know your spoiler isn't working? You do know that it cannot be seen from the Driver's Seat right? Follow deliriousga (John's) advice and check fuses and relay.

The Spoiler is supposed to extend Automatically at 75MPH and retract at 50MPH.

In order for this, and other speed dependent accessories, to function, such as the Speedo, the Top (on the later cars), and the TipS (on Cars so equipped), the car relies on Speed Sensing devices.

Each time you start the Car, these Speed Sensors recalibrate themselves to insure that all Speed Dependent Devices function at their designed speed. This is accomplished by driving the Car at least 3MPH.

Until this speed is reached, the ECU automatically declares a Fault (because the ECU (DME in Porsche Parlence) is reading '0'MPH or no speed from the Speed Sensors. This could actually be '0'MPH or, the Speed Sensors may have failed, it doesn't know which), this is why the Warning Indicator for the Spoiler activates. It will stay lit until the car reaches the required 3MPH (at which speed, the ECU is satisfied that the Speed Sensors are functioning properly and cancels the Fault). In addition, it will light if: a.) The Spoiler fails to extend at approx. 75MPH (or doesn't extend fully), and b.) If the Spoiler fails to retract at approx. 50MPH.

One other possibility I have thought of. Many Owners will install a Fixed Wing as an Aftermarket Accessory. In this case, the Spoiler mechanism must be deactivated. I have seen at least one set of instructions with these Wings which direct the installer to disconnect the Spoiler's electrical connector from the wiring harness (this is located under the Trunk Liner on the rear wall of the Trunk). Why this doesn't activate the Dash Warning Indicator I don't know - never gave it ay thought.

If your PO had such a wing installed, and then removed it prior to sale to sell it separately (on eBay for instance), which I have seen, it is possible that they failed to reattach this connector, so be sure to check this if all other checks result in no-joy. Hope this helps...

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99
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