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Originally Posted by Meir View Post
When I first bought my car, both of the remote gave me problems, one was not working at all.
I removed the cover and notice that the buttons are “melting”.
Browsed the internet a little bit, found similar buttons and ordered them.
For my luck they were a perfect fit.
I replaced all 6 buttons on the two remotes. One is working like a brand new.
The other works as well (the LED turns on when I press), but it dosent do anything in the car (and the LED lights up different).
I think it needs reprogramming, but I’m not sure if I can do that without having the barcode of the remote.

Any way, this is the part you need.
Thank you for the info Meir.
My buttons look clean.

May I ask some questions?
1. Did the LEDs used to lit up BEFORE you replaced the buttons?
2. The FOB that wasn't working at all, is that the FOB still not working? Just want to confirm.
3. You said, "the LED lights up different." Do you mean that the LED lights up different in comparison to the same button from working FOB? Or, compare to the different buttons on same FOB?
4. Must the electronic part, the part shown in your second picture below, be inside the FOB housing for the buttons to work? Or, can it be removed from the FOB housing and still work?

Thank you,
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