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Dooooh.... I don't know what I was thinking, wasn't thinking would be more accurate... Thanks for setting things straight. I know what you're saying, I didn't misunderstand it, I misread it. Guess my multi-tasking skills ain't what they used to be.

I am not an EE, I'm an AE, BS and MS in Aeronautical Engineering with a BS in Materials Science and former Navy Certified Test Pilot. So while electricity ain't exactly my thing, it's always been sorta a 1st or 2nd cousin... I defer to your expertise. Now if you wanna discuss how MW Plasma can mitigate the Boundary Layer in Supersonic Airflow, I'm your man!

I totally forgot about the cutoff relay to the Battery and such. But, rather than add to the confusion, again I'll say thanks for the clarification.

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99

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