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Originally Posted by MaxD View Post
First off you can't be doing any thing wrong just trying to take your wheels off. Hubcentric wheels should have reasonably tight tolerances, obviously two have less than the others.

I have a set of Fikse's that are are a pain to get off. You have to really rock them back and forth to get them off the hub.

One thing I do use on the interface between the wheel and the hub is a very thin coat of Wurth LM 508 anti seize. If you use spacers this really helps getting them off.

If you have a ridge that is making the rim too tight use a 220 or higher emery paper to make it smooth.

Again the wheel interface should be tight but not irremovable.


Will definitely put in the anti sieze and try the emory paper suggestion. If i have a flat far from homw there is no way i can use the tolls in the car to take off the wheel and put the spare. i might have to carry the short crowbar!
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