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Originally Posted by 986_c6 View Post
Thanks for all the advice guys...the shop will earn my $$$.

I will also look for a NOPI sticker---> you guys rock!!!!!

And these are aftermarket parts. Another thought, would asking the local P-dealer be a good idea? Can body shops paint wheels also, or do I want them powdercoated instead? Big price difference?

I have this forum to blame for the mod bug I am having!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Again, you need to find a shop that has experience working with body kits . A traditional auto body shop, no matter how good their reputation might be, will be lost trying to deal with a project like this . As far as powder coating versus painting is concerned, in the past I've had both done. And, the long and short of it is, when it comes to powder coating it's very difficult to get good, uniform coverage on a multi surface object such as a wheel (i.e. windows and lugs) . Furthermore, if the project involves retaining a polished or machine lip on the wheel, powder coating uses a liquid based clear coat that looks absolutely atrocious on metal . I've gotten far better results with traditional painting .
Don't worry I've got the microfilm.

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