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Originally Posted by healthservices View Post
I don't know what county you are in but in Orange county you need to pass the visual inspection too....
The only way I could fail the visual inspection would be to take the car on a lift and have someone have a look who would know what should be there...

OK, I happened to choose an inspection station which has no lift and my car is so low that it barely made it onto the dyno. We didn't open the engine cover as i told the guy (who had no clue about Porsches) it would take ~30 minutes to get there....

I just wanted to post this thread as encouragement to all who consider this mod and are worried about not passing smog.
I believe CA has one of the strictest smog laws and I guess that inspired Frank Sinatra to his famous song: " Smog Check ":

.... if you can make it there, you make it anywhere,
it's up to you Smog check, Sm-o-o-g check"

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