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I have fiberglass sikde skirting but only because the MK2 style isn't available for the Boxster from Porsche.
I later found out why fibgerlass is a hassle. One side was about 4mm longer than the other side which left a gap. I was contemplating sending it back but the geniuses at the bodyshop decided to paint it before telling me the sizes were off, tough to return at that point. Paid $300 for them but was charged $700 to paint. The rinky dink shop down the street that worked on econo box cars but might have passed muster for a small job like side skirts wanted $400. Glad I didn't have to have a whole kit done. Paint work was expensive in those good ole days. Last spring I had my front bumper repainted for $200 which has to be painted again thanks to a careless driver backing into me at the local gas station.
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