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Well, I'm familiar with MA Shaw's stuff (it's actually made by Getty Design), and it's no better or worse than the rest of what's out there in terms of aftermarket FRP . There was a time when he was able to get his hands on some oem parts like the GT3 bumper . However, that was years ago . In any case, about 3 years back I did a body kit on my vehicle that consisted of a Hamann front bumper and side skirts, along with a high quality German made 997 rear bumper . Given Hamann's reputation as a world class tuner, along with the price that I paid, one would think that these parts would have had excellent fit and finish "right out of the box" . Ha ! You want to talk about a sobering experience ! It took nothing short of Michael Angelo to sculpt these pieces in order to get a perfect fit . The stuff was ******************** from the get go .

p.s. To this day, I can't imagine telling anyone what the final costs were to complete this project, for fear that I would be involuntarily committed to a locked facility !!
Don't worry I've got the microfilm.

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