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Originally Posted by Meir View Post
And once again I will take your advice.
Is there an online source I can order it, or just go to the nearest dealership?
By the way, I got the Wix 51042 oil filter as you recommended, looks a little bit small for a 3.2 engine.
A couple of decent online sources can be found if you do a search, but they are often no better than your local dealer. You could also give Sunset Porsche in Beaverton, OR a call ((800) 346-0182), they price very aggressively and offer quick service as well.

As for the Wix 51042, this is one example of where size can be deceiving. It is the filter designed for the 6 and 7 liter LS engines series in Corvettes. That unit can flow over 11 gallons of oil a min., well beyond what your engine can pump. If you cut one open and measure the total surface area of the media, you just might be surprised how much is in there. It is a great filter, usually also at a great price......
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