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lets see the door when the pin engages. just checked mine. i don't have the "rubber donut" but my guess is it's essentially a seal when the pin moves in and out. in otherwords the pin should be sliding in and out through the donut.

my guess is there's something missing on the door or the pin is wobbling and striking something.

have you checked if the door is actually locked with the doors?

ok. took a couple of pics of mine:
1. the donut is there, but it's behind the metal of the - what's the word? - fuel door area?
2. i also have a little rubber gasket where the door meets the "stop" on the "fuel door area." since you don't have one, the door may be going in a little further than it should causing the pin to strike on some metal piece.
3. make sure the plastic hole the pin slides into on the actual door is secure.
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