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Originally Posted by blue2000s View Post
Agreed, the times when you most need a warning, it won't be there
Exactly my thinking, sir. I can appreciate the setup of the car, and the brakes, when it comes time to dodge the road-going idiots and random debris that shows up on the road. Dodging exploded semi-truck tire chunks at 70mph is never fun, and would be even less fun if the car feels like spinning and sliding.

To Dale_K, if I can make a suggestion: Though it's more involved, you can have the tires swapped from left rim to right rim for more even wear. Since our tires tend to be directional and can't be rotated by just swapping the wheels from one side to the other, this is a (more cumbersome but effective) way of accomplishing that even wear. You're still doing the same thing, getting the tire on the other side of the car, but you're doing so by removing it from one wheel and replacing in on the other.

Depending on how often you drive the car, say 5000 miles/yr or less, you could just have this done once every year and the tires will wear very evenly across the whole of the tread.

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