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Question on 60K Maintenance

Im wrapping up my DIY 60K Maintenance on my Boxster. There are a few steps/requirements that I am a little unclear on. Thought maybe you guys could help?

Please keep in mind that I am new to the car and to doing any kind of work myself on past vehicles. So if it sounds like a dumb question, I apologize.

1. Axle joints: Check play, visual inspection of the dust bellows for signs of damage, check tightness of screw connections on the suspension adjustment at the front and rear

The part about "check tightness of screw conncections.....". Where am I looking for these connections. A picture would be great!

2. Particle filter: Replace filter element

Is this the CABIN FILTER??

Also, is there a DIY on changing the Differential Oil? (I know this is not part of the 60K maint.)

Thanks All.....

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