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I bought my Boxster used from a Private Party. I went to the local Dealer for some maintenance work and they would not give me a copy of the service records they had for the car in their computer, said that the records were "Priviledged, like a Doctor's Records"!

I pointed out that Priviledge was a point of Law which did not extend to Auto Service Records. Further, that there was a distinct difference between records of having an RMS replaced and ones listing Erectile Disfunction or some such.

But, they wouldn't budge. I had a PPI done and other research, so was confident I bought a great car (one-owner, 17k mi. - verified), and I haven't had any issues with it. Still, the mere fact that they wouldn't release the records did pique my curiosity. Next time, I'll try the other dealer in town and see if I can get them.

Happy Motoring!...Jim'99

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