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Originally Posted by WhipE350 View Post
Nice, very nice! Enjoy the ride. I'm 51 and am trying to pay the house off (divorce many years ago didn't help), hoping to do it in next few years. Every time I get the urge to order the new 911 or a Spyder I just go down stairs and take the 2000 'S' for a spin.

Post more pics when you have a chance. Welcome to the family.
Oh don't get me started on women! I almost married the wrong one, dodged that bullet, she left me but it was the best thing that ever happened. Joined the Army to get my head straight, figured out real estate was the answer (during the bubble), then met a very nice young girl and got to practically raise her (she's 11 yrs my junior). I get to make all the decisions since she never has, she's never paid a utility bill or cellphone bill or even a credit card so as long as the bills are paid and she has food and clothes she's happy and I get to spend money on toys and she graduates nursing school in the spring so more money for me

Went driving today since I need the practice driving a stick before taking it to work tomorrow. Here's the boxster with the Piasa Bird in Alton
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