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After joining forum 5 yrs ago, finally bought my first Boxster :)

Introduction: been a member here for 5 years (on rennlist for 7) and I finally bought my first boxster:

it's a black 98 2.5 manual with 99,xxx on it. Paid $8,995 at a local dealer, almost half I paid cash so my 36 month payment is very low, probably pay it off this spring. I've seen them for less on ebay and my original plan was to save a bit more and pay all cash but it was nice to be able to test drive and inspect this one without flying somewhere and being "stuck" ~1,000 miles from home if the car didn't turn out to be what I thought it was.

Posted photos on facebook and everyone loves it. Even people I haven't talked to in years want a ride Immediately family is in shock/disbelief. If you ever want to make your father-in-law jealous/envious/proud show up in a porsche

Reason I joined 5 years ago and it took me *this* long to buy one is I was presented with the opportunity to either buy a boxster or pay off my house and I chose to pay off the house. I'm 33 and I have my house paid for and drive a porsche

I know 99,000 is getting up there, I'm ready to put aside $300/mo for repairs/maintenance/etc.

Anyway that's my introduction, sorry if I come off as (INSERT) but I'm very happy right now that everything's working out ... hope i'm not setting myself up for a IMS failure
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