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Originally Posted by mikefocke View Post
The "spirited" theory arose, IIRC, from comments by Jake early in the "IMS-is-a-problem" history when he observed that frequently driven and spiritedly driven cars seemed to have less IMS failure problems.

My guess is that frequently and spirited result in warm oil being splashed at higher temps and pressures, less condensation in the oil or perhaps the inner seal is kept more flexible/effective.

Don't know if he still feels the same way nor do I know of any statistical study on the subject.
its a good theory, more RPM's= hotter oil (condensation being burned off) and higher oil pressure (oil getting pushed into all those little crevices)

I try and keep my RPM's above 3k as much as possible and have run it to the rev limiter a few times in 1st and 2nd

but Im still planning on doing the IMS upgrade with my tax return this winter/spring
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