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Originally Posted by 2003S View Post
I've got a minor leak when it rains where the driver's door meets the convertible top, right next to the top of the windshield. The sealing strip seems to be in good shape -- no cracking, still pliable, etc.

The top has always (well, since I got the car this summer) required a bit of 'coercing' to close -- I have to pull it forward a bit to get the latch to grab.

I'm assuming I may need to adjust the roof cables a bit to loosen it up so it latches a bit more tightly? Can anyone point me at a good step by step for adjusting the roof cables?
1st thing I would do is clean & treat the sealing rubber with silicone or ? & then with the car on level ground & fully charged battery close top as far as it will go electrically til dash light goes off & then putting 1 hand in each slot provided for this purpose fully seal & lock top. Then see if you still have a leak. I have no experience beyond this point.
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