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Water Pump replacement difficulties

Hi Everyone

I'm trying to replace the water pump on my 2001 Boxster. I was able to get the old water pump off, but I'm having a hard time even getting the tools into position to take the old thermostat off.

My question is, since I removed my old water pump and the impeller appears to be good and not shattered into little pieces, which from what I understand, its the little pieces from the impeller that would mess up the thermostat causing it to fail, since my impeller on my old water pump is still together, can I just leave the old thermostat on and just replace the old water pump?

(for some reason the roller had popped off the old waterpump and the serpentine belt had come off and thats why I am replacing the old water pump)

I have the new thermostat, I just cant see how I am supposed to get that thing off with the tools described in all the diy's I've read online. I have a flex 10mm on a 1/2 inch socket with an extension, but its like a bad joke even trying to reach anything other than the bottom most screw on the thermostat, I just don't see how its going to happen. I have the car up on jack stands, and I'm working from underneath the car. And all the hoses that contact to the water pump and thermostat have been disconnected.

Any advice or suggestions on getting the thermostat off or advice on just replacing the water pump only, would be greatly appreciated.


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