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Mrmadbrad...this is one time where you've shown your age by way of ignorance (and I mean that as innocence, nothing offensive) have to watch which questions you ask Johnny. His responses are typically bizarre, hilarious, possibly (more like typically) crass, and may or may not involve visual aids to get his point across. This can be both good and bad, but usually good if you need a laugh or three.

To answer your original question, my car cover just came in last week, so I'll be making an appointment to have the car detailed before it gets covered and put away for the winter. I've got a few things I've managed to break since this I can blame on age (bottom tab on wind deflector), and the other on me being an idiot (broke something(s) in the top driving system by putting my lunch bag on top of the roof and forgetting about it while dropping the top (FAIL)).

Depending on how much of an undertaking it is, I'd like to replace that wind deflector tab myself over the winter and get the part back in the car. If there's a few nice days on a weekend I may go dive under the clamshell and figure out all of what I broke.

Most of my little "projects" right now are to be fixing things that are broken or that have been broken from the start while I wait for the spring to come back around.

I've also got some GT3 brake ducts that I bought from a member on this forum, so I'll have to get under there some time and snap those on.

No go-fast goodies til the car is running right, though, and I want to pretty much dump everything in there in one shot and get a tune done.

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