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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
"There's no KNOWN correlation between IMS failure and anything."

+1 to DenverSteve
Right you are and thank you for pointing that out.

There has been no sharing of actual failure data, only anecdotal evidence which is subject to hype, whimsy and manipulation, normally I do not give in to these sorts of wives tales but in this case I have helped to perpetrate the rumors.

So I redact my statement above and state what I know to the true and correct.

1. I have two Boxsters, one with a 2.5 and one with a 3.6
2. The 2.5 has 110k miles, the engine on the 3.6 has about 60k miles
3. Both are manual gearboxes
4. When the professional race shop (ALMS, Grand Am and Porsche Cup) installed the 3.6 in my car they said the IMS looked fine and did not feel the need to go to any lengths whatsoever to swap, retrofit, upgrade or change it in any way.
4. I felt panic when I first learned of IMS failures from this and other Porsche boards.
5. I considered having the retrofit done but was told it was not recommended for high mileage engines.
6. Other people have had failures and they seem to be really pissed about it.
7. I accepted the fact that a D-chunk, IMS failure or deer in the road could severely change my enjoyment of my Porsches at any moment.
8. I decided to enjoy the cars anyway, knowing that life is uncertain and fun is a worthwhile endeavor.

Thank you for letting me set the record straight.
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